What Are The Best Affiliate Programs

What are the best affiliate programs?

People ask this question all of the time. There are no best affiliate programs or right affiliate program.

The best affiliate program is whatever one you choose to use, and put your best effort into making work. Two of the most popular places to find affiliate products are Clickbank and Commission Junction, but you can find affiliate products to promote by going directly to businesses that offer an affiliate program.

The affiliate program you choose has nothing to do with how well you succeed at being an affiliate marketer. You as the affiliate have to put all of your efforts into marketing whatever products you are an affiliate for. Creating a website and stuffing it full of affiliate products and then sitting back and waiting for the money to pour in is not going to get you anywhere.

There are several factors to consider besides which affiliate program is the best, such as:

1. your presentation of the affiliate product
2. your marketing strategy
3. the type of visitors you attract to your affiliate product

There are several ways to present your affiliate products. You could write a review about them, or you could put a text link in articles on your site or you could use banner ads.

Although some people prefer to use banner ads on their website to display their affiliate products, I prefer instead to use text links that link directly to the sales page of the affiliate product. People are more apt to click on a text link than they are to click on a banner ad.

Insert your text links in your article in appropriate places so that the words flow naturally when the link is in place.


1. If you are looking for (your text link would go here)…
2. For more information click here (where “click here” would be your text link)

If you are not attracting visitors that are interested in what you are offering, you are not likely to make the sale. Likewise, if your not marketing to your target audience, you are not likely to find the type of visitors who are interested in what you have to offer.
So stop the wild goose chase you are on to find the “best” affiliate program, and get out there and put all of your effort into marketing to the “best” people, the people who want the affiliate products that you are offering.

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