13 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website Part 2

Free Traffic Sources - 13 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Part 2

Previously I wrote an article titled “Free Traffic Sources-13 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website.” Because there are so many other way to drive traffic to your website than just the ones I mentioned in Part One, I decided to write a Part 2 of the original article.

Because the livelihood of your business depends solely on the traffic you get, it is important to have the option to utilize as many traffic sources as you can.

13 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Part 2

1. Twitter

Create a Twitter account, gain followers with similar interests and start Tweeting.

2. Publish Content Often

Whether you are writing content for your website or your Blog, be sure to write often. If you write regularly, your site will get indexed regularly by the search engines. Also if you write regularly your readers will come to expect it and keep coming back to see what’s new.

3. Blog Commenting

Find popular Blogs in your niche and leave thoughtful comments. Their readers will see your comments and click through to your website.

4. Blog Guest Posting

If you like writing and can create high quality articles, submit them to popular Blogs in your niche.

5. Google Plus

Create a Google Plus profile and gain like minded followers. Create a fan page on Google Plus as well. Provide links to your website, Blog and any other web presences you have.

6. Google Profile

Create a Google Profile. When someone searches for your name your profile will come up. You can provide links to your website and Blog, etc.

7. Use Share Buttons

Providing Share Buttons on your site allows your visitors to share your content.

8. Regular Blogging

Content Content Content

Provide something of value in exchange for your visitors loyalty. Your visitors won’t keep coming back if there is nothing in it for them.

9. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers provides a great way to get traffic to your site. Answer questions in your area of expertise with as much detail as you can and link to your source (your website).

10. Kijiji

If you sell your own physical products or services, you can advertise locally on Kijiji. Even if you only sell digital products, you could offer you digital product on a CD. Kijiji doesn’t allow you to create an ad just to promote your website. You have to provide and actual product or service.

11. Tutorial Submissions

Submit your tutorials to Tutorial Submission Sites.

12. Image Alt Tags

Use an image alt tag for every one of your images describing what the image is.

13. Submit eBooks

Submit your free eBooks to free eBook sites. Provide links to your site in your eBook.

Although businesses can and do thrive by just using a few traffic sources, you have to find the ones that  work for you. Having a variety of ways to drive traffic to your website to choose from and try provides you with a better chance of finding the few that work for you.



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