How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Verify Your Website on Pinterest


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Pinterest has introduced a few new features recently. One of those new features is website verification.  Before you verify your website on Pinterest, the only indication that you have a website listed, is a little world icon in the About section at the top of your profile page. Someone who doesn’t have a website, or didn’t list theirs, may not even know what that little icon is for.

With the new Pinterest website verification your full website URL is shown in the About section on your profile page, with a bright red checkmark, for all the Pinterest world to see. Not only does your website URL show up on your profile but it also shows up in the search results.      


In just 3 quick and easy steps you can verify your website on Pinterest.

How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Before you verify your website on Pinterest your profile looks something like the image below. To see what your profile will look like after you verify it, scroll down to the bottom image in this post.

Unverified website on Pinterest


To verify your website on Pinterest, hover over your name on the top right hand side of your page. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on settings in the dropdown menu. You should now see your Account Settings and Profile Info.

Scroll down to where it says Website under your Profile Info. Make sure your website is properly typed in before your click on the Verify Website button.

Unverified website on Pinterest - Profile Info


After you click on Verify Website a new window will open. This is where the fun, techy part begins.

Download Pinterest HTML file

  1. Click on the bolded Download the HTML verification file and download it to your computer.
  2. Upload the file you just downloaded to your web server.  Do NOT upload this file to a sub folder. If you upload it to a sub folder then Pinterest won’t be able to find it to verify your website.
  3. To complete the process click on the bolded Click here text as shown in step 3 in the image above.


If you have done everything properly, you should see a success message.

Now your profile should look something like this…

Your website verified on Pinterest

with your information of course and no red box around it. Your website is now verified on Pinterest.

For more information on How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest see The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest.


The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest



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