Pinterest Business Strategy – 10 Tips to Your Business Success

Follow this Pinterest business strategy to find your business success. More and more businesses are joining Pinterest to promote their products and services. Is yours one of them? If not, don’t be left out. Get your business on Pinterest, showcase your images and promote your business.


 Pinterest Business Strategy

Tip #1 – Create a Business Account or Convert an Existing Account

To begin visit the Pinterest Business Page.

To convert your personal account to a business account click on the red button that says Convert your existing account. If you are new to Pinterest or don’t want to convert your personal profile to a business account, click on the link under the red button that says, New to Pinterest? Join as a business.

For more information on how to set up a business account please read Pinterest Business Page.

Tip #2 – Verify Your Website

Verify your website by first going into your Settings. Hover over your name and select Settings from the dropdown menu. Beside where it says Website under Profile Info, type in your website address. Click on Verify Website.

You will have to download the HTML file to your computer and then upload it to your web server. After you have done that click on the button that says, Complete process. If you did everything correctly you will see a success message.

For more information on verifying your website please read Verify Your Website on Pinterest.

Tip #3 – Add Buttons

Along with new business pages, Pinterest has introduced new business buttons for your website. Although the Pin It Button is not really new, because it came out before business pages did, it is a handy little button to have on your website. Having  Pin It buttons on your website makes it that much easier for your visitors to pin your images.

The Follow Button for websites makes it easier for your visitors to follow you directly from you website. When your visitor clicks on the follow button they are taken to your Profile page where they can easily follow you. Your button is even personalized with your business name on it!

Tip #4 – Add Widgets

Pinterest has introduced two new widgets for you to use on your website to promote your business on Pinterest. To begin, visit the Pinterest Widget Builder page.

The Profile Widget is perfect for business because it allows you to display up to 30 of your most recent pins. If you want to promote your business on Pinterest and gain a following, having the profile widgets allows your visitors to see a preview of what you have to offer on your Pinterest profile before they decide to start following you.

The Board Widget allows your to display up to 30 of your favorite board’s latest pins.

Tip #5 – Theme Boards

Create boards that are all on one theme and pin related images onto them. Having a miscellaneous board with every type of image under the sun on it doesn’t provide your followers with a clear view of what the board is about. Having a board titled Affiliate Marketing, on the other hand, tells your potential followers exactly what your board is all about.

Think of your boards in terms of a department store. If you go into a department store it is sectioned into different departments. There are different departments for clothing, shoes, pharmacy, hardware, etc. Set up your Pinterest boards in much the same way.

Tip #6 – Business Boards

You can create as many boards as you like. Create a separate business board or boards to display images of your own products and services so that your pins don’t get lost in amongst the pins you pin from other people. Once you are finished creating your own business boards you can create boards to display other people’s images you find of interest that you feel will be of some benefit to your followers.

You can mix all of the images up and have your business images displayed on boards along with images you pin from other people, as long as you make sure that you pin them on your own business boards as well, otherwise your potential followers may not see them when they are scrolling through your boards.

Tip #7 – Business Logo

Use your company logo as your profile picture. The optimal image size is 160px X160px. If you use an image that is not 160px X160px it will be automatically re-sized by Pinterest and may become distorted.

Tip #8 – Board Titles

Be creative when naming your boards. The more interesting a board title is the more attention it will receive. Once you have captured their attention with the board title, they will want to click on your board  to see what images you have pinned.

Don’t make your boards too long or they won’t fit in the space allotted for them. Only a portion of the board title will be displayed. ( …) will be displayed for the rest of the title.

Tip #9 – Board Description

Write a detailed, informative description for your board. Doing so will help to increase your following.

Use keywords in your description. Search engines are indexing individual boards. That means that your board could show up in the search results.

Tip #10 – Pin Description

Write a detailed, informative description for your pin. Let people know exactly what your pin is about.

As with the board description, use your keywords in your pin description. Search engines are indexing individual pins as well as boards.

To help make your business successful, use all 10 tips of the Pinterest business strategy.

For more information on Pinterest business accounts, how to gain Pinterest followers and how drive traffic to your website see The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest.

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest


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