How To Create a Pinterest Business Page

Pinterest Business Page

On November 14, 2012 Pinterest introduced new business pages. You can now convert your personal profile to a Pinterest Business Page. If you would rather keep your personal profile and create a separate business page you can create a new page just for business and keep your personal profile as it is.

Already using your personal profile for your business? Perfect! Then converting it to a business page will be quick and simple, not to mention, makes better sense than starting over and creating a new business page. Why start from scratch when you have already put in all of that work creating a presence for your business?

How to Convert a Personal Profile to a Pinterest Business Page

To begin, visit

On this page you will see a big red button that says “Join as a business” Click on the button.

A new page will open. At the top of the page you will see Create Business Account.

Click on Convert beside where it says Already have an account?” Your personal profile will be automatically converted to a business profile. All of your followers and previous settings will remain intact.

If you haven’t done so already you should also verify your website. Verifying your website not only shows your followers that you are a legitimate business, but doing so also gives you a Do Follow link back to your website.

For more information on verifying your website, see:

How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest.

How to Create a Pinterest Business Page

To create a Pinterest business page visit and click on Join as a Business link.

Business Account Details

On the new page that opens you will fill in your account details. In the top section you will fill out your business details.

Pinterest Business Account Details

Beside Business Type click on the dropdown arrow and select your business type. Don’t worry too much about choosing a business type right now. You can always change it later if you choose to.

In the Contact Name fields fill in the first and last name of the person who will be managing your account, whether that person will be you or someone managing your account on your behalf.

Fill in the field for your Email Address.

Type the password you want to use for your business profile in the Password field. You have to use a minimum of 6 characters for your password.

Profile Info

In the bottom section you will fill in your Profile Info. I broke up the Profile Info section into 2 sections just to make things easier. When viewing the page on your computer you will actually see that it is all one section.

Pinterest Business Profile Info - Top Section

In the Business Name field type in the name of your business as you would like it to appear on Pinterest.

Type in a Username for your business account in the username field.

Choose a Profile Image for your account. Click on Upload Image and find the logo (if you have one) for your company on your computer. Click on the image you want to use and click on Open at the bottom of the window. The image you chose will now be visible.

Pinterest Business Profile Info - Top Section

In the About field fill in a brief description of your business. You only have 200 characters to describe your business so make the most of them.

Type the address of your website in the field beside where it says Website.

Read the Pinterest Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy. Check the box beside where it says “I agree to the Business Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”.

Click on Create Account.

There you have it. You have just created a new Pinterest Business Page.

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