How to Create an eBook

How to Create an eBook

When you create an eBook it can serve several purposes. It can be used to promote a product or website. It can be sold for a profit, or it can be given away as a free gift in exchange for a person’s name and email address when they sign up to your list. Whatever the reason for creating your eBook, you need to get the most exposure out of it that you can.

If you choose to give your eBook away, you can write a permission statement at the beginning of your book that says something like “Feel free to give this eBook away to your list.” Doing this will potentially make your eBook go viral, (spread further) and gain a boost in traffic to your website or whatever product that you are promoting.

If you are planning to sell your book, then of course you can make some money from it. You can also get traffic to your website or promotion by putting links in the footer of each page.

The simplest way to create an eBook is to use Microsoft Office Word. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can download OpenOffice which is free to download and use. It is similar to Microsoft Office, but is much simpler to use. Both have the ability to convert your book to PDF format.

Begin by writing out bullet point ideas that you want to put in your book, then use your bullet points to write your first draft. Once you have your first draft finished you can go back over it and reorganize and tweak it (touch it up).

Write your pages as if you were talking to someone in normal conversation. Make your reader feel as if you are talking directly to them.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Wherever possible, try to use images to illustrate what it is you are trying to describe. It is usually easier for people to understand what you are trying to explain if they can see it in pictures.

Once you have finished creating your pages, read them over to make sure that what you have written makes sense and flows smoothly from one paragraph to the next. Check it over for any spelling and grammar mistakes, then you are ready to format the pages the way that you want them.

The final process after writing your eBook is converting it to PDF format. Both MS Office and Open Office have the ability to do this. Once your book is finished and you have converted it into PDF format, open the PDF version of your book and make sure that all of the links work, and that the pages are formatted the way that you want them.

If for some reason the links don’t work, you will have to go back to the program you used to create your pages and check to make sure that you saved it as PDF correctly.

Creating an eBook Cover

There are several ways to create an eBook cover. You can purchase programs to create your cover or you can download a free eBook creator. There are also eBook creators that you can use online. One of the ones that you can use online for free is called 3D Box Creator.

You create the images for your eBook cover and spine on your computer, using whatever photo editor you prefer. Then visit the 3D Box Creator website and upload the images in the appropriate places and hit Create 3D Box. Once your cover is created, you can move your book around to position it how you want it, then save it to your computer. That’s it. You now have an eBook cover to use to display your book.

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