Forum Posting to Gain Quality Backlinks

There are many ways to gain quality backlinks to your site. Forum posting is one way. If done properly you can gain not only backlinks but traffic as well.

How you gain backlinks to your site is by adding your signature (sometimes called an author box) to your posts. Every forum post you create will include your signature box (as long as you have checked “show signature“).

What is a signature? A signature is a small block of text that appears at the end of every post that you create. Signatures are not created automatically for you, you have to create the text that you want to go in your signature.

If you already have your own website when you join a forum, you can include a link to your site in your signature box. This is know as a backlink. For every post created you will gain a backlink to your site.

When you create your signature link, you want to use your sites main keyword phrase as the link text. By doing this, the search engines see it as a valuable backlink. Forum signatures are usually limited to a few lines, usually 3-5, so make the best of them.

Different forums have different rules about adding your signature to your posts. Some forums allow you to include a signature to your posts right away, while others require you to have a certain number of posts and or reputation points before you can add your signature.

Join forums in your niche and start posting. The intention of a forum is to provide a community where members can learn and share. If your only reason for joining the forums is to gain quality backlinks, don’t bother. You will probably find yourself being banned. Posting short, useless answers in response to questions is one surefire way to get yourself banned, or at the very least ignored by the other members. Instead get involved. Ask questions. Also answer other members questions with thoughtful, helpful answers.

The more other members see you getting involved and posting intelligent answers to questions the more you will get noticed by other members. Getting noticed by other members is one way to gain traffic to your site. Another way is through the search engines. Forum posts tend to get ranked higher in the search results. One of your answers could therefore show up in the search results, which could bring you more traffic.

If you would like to see more about building quality backlinks, please read Building Quality Backlinks to Generate Traffic.

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