10 Ways to Gain Pinterest Followers


As with pretty much anything in life, there is more than one way of doing things. Gaining Pinterest followers is no different. Within Pinterest you can find several ways to gain followers, but if you think outside the box you can see that there are many other ways to gain Pinterest followers as well. 


1. Group Boards

Group boards or community boards as they are sometimes called are boards with multiple pinners on them.  One of the best ways that I have found to gain Pinterest followers is to join different group boards related to your interests and pin to them. Group boards with a large following means more exposure for your own profile and boards.

Group boards aren’t just for others to create, you can create your own group boards and invite other users to pin to them with you.

2. Invite Friends

Invite your friends and acquaintances from your other social media networks as well as from your email list to join you on Pinterest. Ask them to invite their friends and acquaintances as well.

3. Complete Your Profile

Complete your Pinterest profile. Upload an image to use for your profile picture. Add a description of yourself or your business in your About section. Write something interesting or catchy that attracts attention. Add your website if you have one and connect your Pinterest profile with Facebook and Twitter.

4. Follow People

It seems self-explanatory right? You follow people and some will follow you back. Don’t take it hard if the majority of people you follow don’t follow you back. It is each person’s right to follow whoever they wish.

5. Original Content

Create and pin your own original content. People get bored with seeing the same thing over and over again. Create pins that stand out and grab people’s attention. You don’t have to be fancy just unique.

6. Facebook

Publish your Pinterest activity to your Facebook timeline by activating it in your Pinterest settings.  Facebook users will see your post and can click on it. They will be redirected over to Pinterest  where they have the option to follow you.

7. Follow Button

Adding the follow button to your website or blog allows your website visitors to follow you from your website. When your website visitors click on the follow button on your website they will be able to view your Profile on Pinterest.

8. Pin and Repin

Stay active on Pinterest. Make your presence known. If you forget about your Pinterest profile and boards so will your followers. Other users can’t see what you pin if you don’t pin anything. Pin often. The more you pin and repin, the more chance your followers will have of seeing them. Your followers will repin your pins expanding your reach and gaining you potential followers.

9. Like

By liking other users pins you let them know that you appreciate what they pinned. Some will check out your profile and if they like what they see on your boards they will follow you.


Leave thoughtful and meaningful comments on other user’s pins. Be respectful of others when commenting. Respond to comments that you receive.


For more information on ways to gain Pinterest followers see The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest.

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest


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Laurie Lambert is a web designer, graphic designer and author of “The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest” and “Affiliate Marketing – Getting Started – A Beginner’s Guide.” Connect with Laurie on Google+.

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Copyright Infringement – Protecting Your Copyrighted Material Online



Copyright Infringement InfographicWikopedia Definition: Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time.

One type of copyright infringement occurs when someone copies all or part of a copyrighted work without permission. Copyright material may include literary works, images, videos, music, etc.

If you feel that your rights as a copyright owner have been violated, you can try to contact the offender first and see if you can settle the copyright infringement between yourselves. If the party you have to deal with is not overly co-operative or doesn’t have contact info readily available, there are other steps that you can take to deal with a copyright issue. If an agreement can’t be reached between the two parties involved, then you may have to take your case to court and have them settle it.

Although your original work is protected by copyright laws, guarding your copyrighted material is your responsibility.

In this article I will show you how to report a copyright infringement online.

Reporting a Copyright Infringement to a Website Owner’s Hosting Company

If you find your work on another person’s website you can first try to contact the owner of the website directly to try and resolve the issue. To find out a website owner’s contact info visit Whois. Type the person’s website address into the space provided and click on Go.

If the website owner’s contact details are not visible after you do a search for their domain name, scroll down to the bottom of the page (before the footer) where you will see:

For complete domain details go to:

(a link to detailed info for that domain name will be here).

Click on the link to view more details. If the owner of the website has set their info to private then the contact info of the hosting company is visible instead of the website owner’s contact info.

Contacting the Hosting Company

When contact info isn’t available, you will have to contact the hosting company. You can find out the name of the hosting company by using a service such as Who Is HostingThis . Just type the domain name (website address of the person whose hosting company you would like to find) in the search box and click on Search. You will then be able to view the name of the hosting company for that domain.

To report a copyright issue to the hosting company you will have to find the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)info for the hosting company, usually found by clicking on a link called Legal at the bottom of the hosting company’s home page. After you click on Legal, scroll down until you find the link for either the DMCA info or Trademark and/or Copyright infringement. Follow the hosting company’s instructions for how to file a copyright claim. You may have to wait for up to a few days for a response, but usually only about 24 hours, as long as you don’t put your report in on the weekend.

Make sure that the information you submit is complete (according to the hosting company’s instructions) or the hosting company cannot proceed with your claim and may drop your case altogether. If you have followed the instructions properly and submitted all of the info they asked for, the hosting company will then review your submitted information and either remove or disable the infringed material.

Note: The other party will be notified of your claim and will then have a chance to put in a counter-claim. If this happens, you will be notified immediately.



Photo of Laurie LambertLaurie Lambert is a web designer, graphic designer and author of “The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest” and “Affiliate Marketing – Getting Started – A Beginner’s Guide”. Connect with Laurie on Google+.

Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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