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Building quality Backlinks to generate traffic to your site is essential for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I have written other articles about how to drive free traffic to your site, but this is my first article about the most significant means of generating traffic to your site, which is through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). One way to get noticed by the search engines is by Building Quality Backlinks.

Getting ranked in the search engines is the best way to get highly targeted traffic to your site. People type specific keyword terms in the search engines to find what they are looking for. Optimizing your site for those keywords gives your site a better chance of showing up in the search results as long as your site ranks high in the search engines.

In order to get ranked high in the search engines, one thing you need to be doing is Building Quality Backlinks to your site. Link building is very important to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines count the quantity of links to your site when determining where and how to rank your site, but more importantly they count the quality of links to your site.

If your site is linked to a popular site, then the search engines see your site as being more popular.

Quality Backlinks are links from other high ranking, authority sites that are related to your niche and use your keywords in the link text. If a site links to yours with a text link that says something like “click here” or “for more info”, there is no relevance to your site in the text, unless of course you were trying to rank for “click here” or “for more info” (which no one should).

Using Keyword Phrases in Link Text

Let’s say that one of the keyword phrases that you want to get ranked for is “best wordpress plugins.”
If you are trying to get ranked in the search engines for that phrase and the site linking to yours uses the keyword phrase “click here” the linking site is not providing any value in the link. The search engines think the page being linked to is about “click here“, so they will see it as not providing value. Using your keyword phrases in link text also tells your readers what the page is about.

If the site linking to yours uses one of your keyword phrases, then the search engines will see it as a valuable link. If you use the link text “click here” the search engines think the page that is linked using that text is about “click here” instead of what the page is actually about, which is “best wordpress plugins”

Because the search engines are big on relevance, Backlinks from a site about “car maintenance” would not be considered a quality Backlinks for a page about “best wordpress plugins.” In terms of SEO, it is all about relevance.

Blog Commenting to Gain Backlinks

One way to gain Quality Backlinks is by commenting on popular Blogs. The majority of Blog and Website owners look for Popular Do Follow Blogs in their niche to comment on, because they are trying to build Backlinks, but it can be just as  beneficial to comment on No Follow Blogs as well.

The whole point of gaining Backlinks is to get listed in the search engines, in order to drive traffic to your site. So if getting traffic to your site is what you want (which you do), then why not comment on both types of Blogs as long as you are getting targeted traffic? Leaving a comment on a No Follow Blog doesn’t mean that you won’t get traffic from that comment, it just means that you won’t get a Backlink.

No Follow doesn’t mean no traffic; it means no Backlink.
Do Follow means traffic plus a Backlink.

So no matter which type of Blog you decide to leave comments on, whether it is Do Follow or No Follow, you still have the potential of gaining targeted traffic, as long as the Blog you are commenting on is in your niche.

Building Quality Backlinks to Generate Traffic is just one part of SEO that helps you get noticed by the search engines.

Some other ways of gaining quality Backlinks includes: Guest Blogging, Article Marketing, Forum Posting and Social Bookmarking.

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