36 Website Terms and Definitions

Listed below are 36 website terms and definitions.

1. Website

A website is a collection of pages consisting of content, that is uploaded to your Hosting Company and made available on the World Wide Web

2. Content

Content is the material that resides on the pages of your Website. The content may consist of articles, images, videos, etc.

3. Blog (Web Log)

A personal journal consisting of several articles (posts), usually written by the owner of the Blog

4. Domain name

A Domain Name is the name you give your website

5. Hosting account

Hosting companies provide space on their server for you to upload your website to, in order to make it visible on the World Wide Web

6. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML is a language used by web designers to create web pages. The language is then read and properly displayed by the different Browsers

7. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS is used to style your HTML pages

8. Graphic

A Graphic is an image

9. Project Folder

Your Project Folder is the folder that you store all of your website files in on your computer

10. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP is used to upload your files to your Hosting Company

11. Links (Hyperlinks)

Links are clickable text

12. File extension

A File Extension is a suffix that is added to the end of a file name, after the dot, such as .PDF

13. Squeeze page

A Squeeze Page is a one page website

14. Free Gift

A Free Gift is something of value that you give away to your visitors in exchange for their name and email address

15. Thank You Page

A page simply to say Thank You for signing up to your list

16. Download Page

The page where you place the download link to your free gift

17. End product

Where you want your visitors to eventually end up after they sign up to your List

18. Header

The heading for your website

19. Header Graphic

A graphic used to display your header instead of text

20. Subheading

Subheadings are used to describe a particular section of an article

21. Bullet Points

Bullet Points are specific points drawn from a piece of writing that describe what the writing is about

22. Call to Action

A Call to Action is a clear set of instructions that you want your visitors to follow

23. Autoresponder

An Autoresponder is a piece of software used to manage your List

24. Opt-in form

A form for collecting your visitor’s names and email addresses

25. Email List

An Email List is a group of people who have signed up to your list using your Opt-in Form

26. Business model

A business plan that a company follows to generate revenues and make a profit

27. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other people’s products

28. Promotion

Letting people know about a product you have to offer

29. Niche

A Niche is a very small, specific area of a larger market

30. Target market

Your Target Market is the type of visitors you want to attract to your business

31. Audience

Your Audience is your readers

32. Traffic

The visitors that you get to your Website or Blog is called Traffic

33. Digital products

Digital products are downloadable products

34. World Wide Web

A collection of websites all connected via Hyperlinks and accessed via the internet

35. Browser

Used to access Websites on the Internet

36. Internet

A world wide network connecting millions of computers

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