10 Benefits of Hosting WordPress On Your Own Domain

There are many benefits of hosting WordPress on your own domain,  opposed to having it hosted by another service, such as Blogger.  Although there are many more benefits that I have not mentioned in this article, I have listed 10 of them below.

After using Blogger for nearly a year and finding myself extremely frustrated and annoyed with it, I decided to switch over to WordPress. I heard so many positive things about WordPress that I just had to check it out. I found WordPress to be much more user friendly than Blogger is.

I started with the free version which is available at wordpress.com and is hosted by WordPress. It wasn’t long before I realized it didn’t meet my needs, so I decided to host it myself on my own domain.

When I first learned about wordpress.org (WordPress hosted on your domain), you had to download it to your computer and install it to your server yourself. Well that wasn’t going to happen. Too much technical stuff for me. Although you can still manually install WordPress, most hosting companies now offer the ability to automatically install it within your cPanel.

Although wordpress.com is perfectly suitable for some Blogs (such as a personal Blog), it is not suitable for others (such as a Blog that you want to monetize). You are limited in what you can and can’t do. There are some  features that are available to you when you have it installed on your domain that are  not available in the wordpress.com version.

Listed below are 10 benefits of hosting wordpress on your own domain.

1. Search Engine Friendly

There are several plugins to choose from to help with your search engine results. You can also add tags to your posts.

2. Very Easy to Update

Creating and updating your pages and posts is a breeze within your WordPress Admin area.

3. User Friendly

Everything you need to create and update your site is all within your WordPress Admin area.

4. Multiple Plugins are Available

You can install and use many different plugins to give your site better functionality.

5. Easily Edit Your Theme

You have the ability to edit your theme and make it unique to you. There are literally thousands of themes to choose from for WordPress. You can choose a paid theme or a free one.

6. The Ability to Create Both Static Pages and Posts

You can create static pages to put your most important content on, making it easier for your visitors to find these post.

7. You can add your Blog to your existing website

If you want your Blog to be part of your website you can easily add it (blog.yourwebsite.com or yourwebsite.com/blog)

8. Create an XML Sitemap

Having a sitemap makes it much easier for the search engines to crawl and index your blog.

9. Monetize Your Blog

You can monetize your Blog with Adsense and affiliate links and or banners.

10. Create and Install Your Own Themes

If you have the ability and know how to create your own themes, you can
install and use them.

The WordPress software itself is free to use whether it is hosted at wordpress.com or on your own domain. The only difference is, if you want it hosted on your own domain then you have to pay for the hosting and a domain name.

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